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Leading Stock Market Institute in Jaipur: Nandi Academy

Nandi Academy, a top stock market institute in Jaipur, offers expert training for beginners and who want to expand knowledge. Learn investing strategies and financial analysis for success in the stock market.

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Nandi Academy Of Stocks Market

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NASM : Offers Best Share Market Courses in Jaipur

Welcome to Nandi Academy of Stock Market in Jaipur, the ultimate destination for enthusiast learners who want to build their future in trading and investing or an experienced investor looking to refine their strategies! The world of the Stock market is the ocean of money but is not only about profit and loss but also requires intensive knowledge of strategies, analysis, risk management, and many other factors.

At Nandi Academy, we understand the importance of quality education in stock market trading. Our mission is simple to provide the key to financial freedom for everyone by educating them about the world of finance. we have the perfect courses and expert educators to help you succeed. From beginner basics to advanced strategies, our share market course in Jaipur covers it all.

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About Us

Reasons to Stand Out as the Best Stock Market Institute in Jaipur

NASM stands as an academy centered around the iconic Nandi Ji statue showering blessing on all students with wisdom knowledge and sharp insight with unmatched experience.

Advanced Level Curriculum
All course modules cover the latest information including everything from the fundamentals of the share market to advanced trading strategies, to ensure that each aspect is clear from the basics, so they make the maximum profits.
Industry Experts
Nandi Academy has found the best-experienced faculty from the industry to provide complete knowledge and trading strategies to share with students to help them succeed in trading.
Live Trading Training
Get practical experience through live trading sessions and real-time market analysis, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios and this unique quality makes us the trading classes in Jaipur.
Flexible Learning Options
We offer a variety of course formats, including classroom classes, and online stock courses to suit your schedule and learning preferences so anyone whether housewives, working professionals, businessmen, or students can learn about the stock market.

Our Courses

Nandi Academy Offers Following Stock Market Courses in Jaipur

Basic To Advance


Basic To Advance Course

This course is especially for those who want to enroll in classroom sessions as the name describes it it has 4 modules including fundamentals, advanced technical analysis, risk management, and traders psychology.

Image Rating (Offline) Duration : 2 Months
Rs. 25,000 30,000 Enroll Now
Technical Analysis


Technical Analysis

This Course is offered both online and in-person sessions who have basic knowledge of the stock market and to get knowledge about strategies used by traders and investors to analyze and predict price movements in markets.

Image Rating (Online) Duration : 30 hours
Rs. 14,999 18,999 Enroll Now
Fundamental Analysis


Fundamental Analysis (Basics)

In this course, we include the foundational principles of fundamental analysis, a crucial tool for investors aiming to grasp a company's stock value through financial statement examination, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Image Rating (Online) Duration : 12 hours
Rs. 7,999 10,999 Enroll Now
Value Investing


Value Investing

Learn the timeless principles of value investing in our course. Discover how to identify undervalued stocks, analyze financial statements, and build a valuable investment portfolio for long-term wealth growth.

Image Rating (Online) Duration : 12 hours
Rs. 7,999 10,999 Enroll Now


Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Join Our best share market course in Jaipur to master the IPO process and pricing methods like book building and fixed price. Learn capital vs money markets, and investing strategies, and analyze real-life case studies.

Image Rating (Online) Duration : 12 hours
Rs. 7,999 10,999 Enroll Now
Mutual Funds


Mutual Fund

Explore the Mutual Fund course at NASM, delving into diverse investment opportunities. Learn to navigate mutual funds, managed by professionals, for optimal returns and portfolio diversification, aligning with your goals.

Image Rating (Online) Duration : 12 hours
Rs. 7,999 10,999 Enroll Now

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Learn From Experts

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Practice live trading at NASM for hands-on experience in real market conditions.

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Certificate to Earning

Earn a certificate and start your income journey with our specialized training.

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Nandi Academy Of Stock Market

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide many additional facilities, including course modules, doubt-clearing sessions, live trading sessions, access to our library, meditation room, revision sessions, and various other resources. These additional benefits are given to students to get different experiences and it helps them to learn more effectively.

NASM offers different stock market courses covering basics to advanced levels, technical and fundamental analysis, IPOs, mutual funds, and value investing. You can choose between online or classroom learning based on your needs.

Our doors are open to anyone seeking financial independence, whether you're a homemaker, a working professional, a businessperson, or a student.

Well, we've got you covered! You can join another batch for that particular topic or can take recorded sessions, so if, you miss any class, you can catch up by watching the recording. And if you have any questions or doubts, our mentors are here to help you clear them up.

There are many career opportunities after completing a course from NASM, you can start trading on your own and earn income. You can also do value investments for long-term plans or you can also do a job.